Trophonios as a tutelary Daimon


We, as magicians, are a curious and restless breed. We tend to jump from one magical system to another, always searching for that perfect modus operandi that would open the gates to our untapped powers and grant us control over heaven and hell and the realms in between. We collect knowledge in all shapes and forms, hoping that one day we will be able to use it to unlock the mysteries we chase. But on rare occasions, one specific system, one unique entity entraps us and enthralls us, finally showing us what we had hoped to find but eluded us.

It was that same restlessness that took me to find Trophonios, and to forge an unbreakable bond with this ancient Greek daimon. For most, the name Trophonios will hold no meaning, as his cult, even though of huge importance in Ancient Greece, faded (as many others did) with the coming of Christianity. In short, Trophonios was a demigod, a son of Apollon; he transcended his humanity and became a god, worshipped and consulted by many at his grove at Lebadeia. What is really interesting about him is the fact that, after an initiatory process that took days or even weeks, those seeking to consult with Trophonios did so personally, and not through a priest or priestess, as it was the case in most of the Oracles of the ancient world. Even more, after direct confrontation with the demigod, the petitioners had to be carried out by the priests attending the oracle, because the sheer horror of the experience took them to the border of insanity, at least temporarily. That made me wonder; why would someone submit themselves to such a horrific experience? What can one gain from that type of contact with the divine?

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After much analysis over the past months I’ve found myself to be lhp, and am currently seeking as much information as I can.

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